Review of company operations and financial statements including:

  • Overview of business model and current operations

  • Review of most recent two-year historical financials including operating costs and capital expenditures

Overview of oil and gas reserves and production including:

  • Reserve report or reserve feasibility study

  • Production history; decline curves

  • Production offtake agreements

Consideration of regional geology and field development with the following:

  • Review the regional trend, field size, number of wells per field, production rates and ultimate production

  • Drilling practices, dry hole cost, completion cost, turnkey costs

  • Natural gas and crude transportation

  • Most likely producible reserves? Probability of success? Initial rates and declines?

  • Upside reserves? Probability of success? Initial rates and declines?

  • For each well: drilling costs, turnkey or day rate

Verify management backgrounds, leasehold and working interest agreements.

To Get Started

For Our Due Diligence.

Information Required​

  • Copy of business plan or similar company and operations overview
  • Management bios
  • Historical operating and financial results for the most recent two years
  • Recent independently prepared reserve engineering report or reserve study 
  • Current and historical production data
  • Copies of relevant leasehold and working interest agreements
  • Description of development plans along with relevant pro forma projections