About Us

Wedgewood Investment Group LLC, an affiliate of Wedgewood Investment Group Inc. based in Toronto, opened its New York office in 2011 as a boutique financial advisory firm and has developed a solid reputation of consistently delivering innovative solutions for middle-market and emerging growth public and private companies.

Our team’s extensive background and experience in investment banking, fund management, bond preparation marketing and equity research, collectively total more than 100 years. Our clients engage Wedgewood to provide corporate advisory consultation to explore the possible financial solutions available to help them achieve the strategic goals and objectives of their firms.

Wedgewood focuses on industry sectors such as Resources; Technology; Healthcare, Real Estate, Energy and M&A with clients throughout the world.

Wedgewood offers a full range of advisory services. However, our specialty is the preparation of Asset Backed Bonds (ABS). Our program is tailored to provide clients with a full range of services from the initial due diligence, writing of the actual documentation, registration for CUSIP/ISIN, filing of Form D as required under 144A, Reg. D, provide legal opinion letters, assist in the setting up of Trust and Escrow accounts, assist in the bond rating process and assist in the listing of the bond on an acceptable exchange. We guide our clients through the entire process to create a seamless operation.

We offer a full range of financial advisory services for innovative structured products, including:

  • Debt Financing through ABS’s and Traditional options
  • Green Bonds
  • 5-10 year financing for projects $50.0 million and up
  • 3-5 year financing for projects $10.0million to $50.0 million
  • Bridge Financing
  • Mezzanine Financing
  • Mergers & Acquisitions
  • Private Placements
  • Corporate Restructuring

DISCLAIMER: Wedgewood Investment Group LLC and Wedgewood Investment Group Inc. (Canada) are not registered United States Securities Dealers or Brokers or U.S. Investment Advisers. Wedgewood is a consultant and makes no warranties or representations as to the buyer, seller or transaction and distributes materials in response to a formal request from our clients and is for informational purposes only.  No information forwarded for and on behalf of the client shall be construed as a solicitation of investment funds or securities.